“Arianne Davidow is sublime as movie star, Claudia, Guido’s muse who has outgrown him. Her performance of “Unusual Way,” one of the most glorious Broadway songs of the 1980s, is poignant and superb. As we see Davidow assay more leading lady roles, she impossibly seems to get better and better.” - Anthony Chase, Theatre Talk Buffalo

“Arianne Davidow’s Claudia, sings “Unusual Way” – a divine ballad – from the basement of her gut, almost quivering in pain; her appearance is brief but riveting. “ -Ben Siegel, The Buffalo News

“Arianne Davidow is sublime as the actress Claudia, her mezzo-soprano voice beautiful to hear. " -Ann Marie Cusella, Buffalo Vibe

“A standout of the night was Guido’s duet with actor and former lover Claudia. Moran and Arianne Davidow’s voices meld beautifully in “Unusual Way.” Davidow pours her heart into the Yeston’s lyrics “you made me whole.” It’s liquid platinum.” -Cherie Messore, Buffalo Theatre Guide

million dollar quartet

“Arianne Davidow is simply a knock out, especially in "I Hear You Knocking." Her infectious energy and strong vocals made her a mighty match for the men.” -Michael Rabice, BroadwayWorld

“Dyanne . . . smokes up the stage with her sultry cover of “Fever.” -Cherie Messore, Buffalo Theatre Guide

Lady Winderemere’s fan

Interview for Buffalo Spree Magazine:

spring awakening

"In “Don’t Do Sadness/Blue Wind,” a duet between Moritz and the character Ilse, Cameron’s vocals sound like a howling winter wind, reflecting Moritz’s pained mental state. His performance is beautifully juxtaposed with Arianne Davidow’s stunningly warm alto." - Maddy Fowler, Spectrum

"Arianne Davidow is Ilse, a mysterious, gentle character.... Davidow is a vocal powerhouse and shines brightest when interacting with her old, troubled friend Moritz" - Buffalo Theatre Guide

Mamma Mia!

"And what a cast. Arianne Davidow is luminous as curious child Sophie, who is determined to figure out her paternity before her wedding" - Buffalo Theatre Guide

“Davidow, who has a voice equal parts sweet and strong, delivers a performance with just the right amount of bushy-tailed optimism and believable pathos.” -Colin Dabkowski, The Buffalo News

The producers

"Arianne Davidow plays Ulla to a tee. She beautifully enters the stage and has no problem playing the sex symbol in this show. Her performance of “When You’ve Got It, Flaunt It” is a show stopper" -Buffalo Theatre Guide

Arianne Davidow is an actress of such talent and beauty that...she embodies the pulchritude and lunacy of Ulla, the determined secretary-showgirl brilliantly, nailing every line and moment, from “When You’ve Got it, Flaunt it” to “Springtime for Hitler.” -Anthony Chase, Artvoice

The Wild Party 

" was just theater magic...I just could not get over the acting chops of Arianne Davidow.  I wish I’d gotten her autograph so ten years from now I might sell it on E-Bay." -Peter Hall, Buffalo Rising

"Davidow is a pristine Queenie, the porcelain blonde chorine who hosts this wild party...And man, can she sing."     -Ben Siegel, The Buffalo News

"Arianne Davidow, as Queenie, is every bit the siren of the March poem. Davidow leads this party with sultry good looks and the killer instincts of a deadly cobra, and is every bit the object of desire that she needs to be."   -Anthony Vitello, NY Theatre Guide

The Seedbed

"Ms. Davidow is a superb actress, and renders the character beautifully”  -Anthony Chase, Artvoice

"Davidow shines as Maggie, the picture of teenage optimism and naïveté sure to meet its match in the disappointment and pessimism of her older caretakers." -Colin Dabkowski, The Buffalo News

"And there’s also universal acclaim for Arianne Davidow as Maggie, the daughter. Here she a very nuanced performance where she is the plaything of fate" -Peter Hall, Buffalo Rising


"As Peron’s Mistress, Arianne Davidow is fantastic. The Mistress is a character who is all too often ignored...In that song, however, Davidow finds the truth. Her eyes alone will tell you the story..." -Nathan Miller, New York Theatre Guide

henry v

"Arianne Davidow is charmingly funny as Katherine, the French princess..." -Anthony Chase, Artvoice

"...performances from Arianne Davidow and Marie Hasselback-Costa as the French princess Katharine and her lady-in-waiting. Davidow and Hasselback-Costa’s the comic highlight of the play" -Colin Dabkowski, The Buffalo News

Dirty Rotten scoundrels

"Arianne Davidow as Jolene Oakes...She’s got a beautiful singing voice, Vegas quality legs, she can dance, she’s an athletic actor, and she’s cute as a button" -Peter Hall, Buffalo Rising

"Davidow is hilarious as Oklahoma oil princess Jolene.... Davidow is, as always, fiercely committed to her role, and manages to bring a refreshing twist to her archetype of a character" -Nathan Miller, New York Theatre Guide

The Yeats Project

" Davidow's dancing with the Lehrer troupe was utterly convincing in her new found joy" -Michael Rabine, Broadway World

In the heights

"Arianne Davidow is another actor whose stage presence seems far beyond her the sexy but vulnerable Vanessa..." -Peter Hall, Buffalo Rising

"Arianne Davidow as Vanessa plays the striking beauty to the T. Strong vocals were matched by her character's struggle- beauty as both a gift and a curse" -JazzBuffalo